Friday, 6 November 2009

Hello Wilderness,

Our apologies for the phones ringing out today - BT installed our new lines late yesterday and guess what? .... They were'nt working today! We may have further teething problems with our change of address but keep Emailing us as although we have no phone lines or broadband it gives us a good reason to nip home and use the home office!

We are hoping for a Monday fix but will use our home systems to get up to date with any orders and enquiries so bear with us.

Other News? We are very pleased and excited to announce that we are very very close to launching our new range of Personalised Children's Jigsaws. We have commissioned a top UK Artist to design some really really great images ... watch this space!

All the very best from all at Personalised Gift Ideas.

Robert O'Rourke
Personalised Gift Ideas

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