Monday, 2 November 2009

We have moved!

Hello wilderness.

Personalised Gift Ideas has moved. Well when I say "moved" it would probably be more accurate to say we are "moving" and now have one foot in our new door and one in the old!

We will be keeping our same phone numbers which switch to our shiny new premises this Thursday (5th November). Most of our machines have now been moved and I can tell you now - they are NOT light!

A whole weekend of moving machines and stock and we are still only about 70% there ... thank goodness it's just a short haul from the old to the new!

The last few weeks have certainly been a good example of interesting timing - A gifts company moving just before Christmas, Starting a Radio Advertising Campaign just as the Royal Mail escalate industrial action and the hire of a removal van to move premises on the wettest day in recent years!

We will post some photos once we settle in.

All the very best for the month of November from all the staff at Personalised Gift Ideas.

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