Saturday, 1 November 2008

So what's the latest from "Personalised Gift Ideas"?

Hello Wilderness,

So here we are on the 1st day of November writing a Blog on a freezing cold Saturday morning. So what's been happening since the last update on 21st October 2008?

Things started off well with some whirlwind website photography on our Photo Studio followed by some photoshop resizing and web uploads of amongst others a bit of "Bling" in one of our "Gifts for Her" sub categories: Presentation Gift Boxed Engraved Hip Flask Sets. Diamonte and More.

Due to our High Google Rankings for "Personalised Money Boxes" we thought we would add a Silver Plated Camper Van Money Box to our range Childrens Personalised Money Boxes

There have been several other updates with more than 200 more still planned and we will point out a few from time to time just to keep you updated.

Since we resized the website a month or so ago we have been able to add a bit more text to some of our main category descriptions. Why bother? Because the average website visitor doesn't always hang around long enough to appreciate that our prices include free UK delivery and full engraving and other personalisation as standard. Many if not most sites are happy to display attractive purchase prices but hide the additional costs until the customer is at the advanced stage of the checkout.

In the space of a few days we have have had the sad demise of two "much loved" laptops. Engraving Station 1 is currently out of action pending repair. Engraving Station 2 has a new laptop but the loss of saved engraving jobs and other software is a setback. All other stations are working fine.

Did you know .... ? that many laptop suppliers realized a niche in the business market and it's all down to just how bad windows vista is? It's true, My engraving machines just don't work reliably on windows vista and I have totally given up trying. Initially I bought some old xp laptops but they were sooo sooo slow. My latest laptop is a Toshiba that comes with windows vista fully installed but also with a special windows xp professional disc that totally wipes the hard drive and reformats for xp! This is a Toshiba disc as well .. not some 3rd party workaround!

Anyways, time to sign off and go do some work in this cold cold business unit. We have some exciting new products in development so hopefully we will update you all in due course.