Tuesday, 28 July 2009

July Update

Hello Wilderness,

We have been contacted by a few people who have kindly let us know that we appear to have disappeared from Google!

Not to worry as this is because of major website upgrades that offer many new features - such as the facility to allow our customers to write reviews and post comments without having to Email them to us. As for Google .... Watch this space as we will be back very shortly!

What else is new? We have been expanding some of our ranges, adding new products as well as new categories. We are the company who offer choice so if you are looking for a Wedding Certificate Holder (for example) then you will see we have added a range that offers a choice from five designs rather than just one. We will go into a bit more detail in a later Blog regarding our website updates ... This little "Hello" was just to let everyone know you will soon find us back up and running in Google as well as all the other major search engines!

Keep Well,

Robert O'Rourke
Personalised Gift Ideas