Monday, 31 August 2009

Last Gasp August Update

Hello Wilderness,

Since it is the last day in August and everyone seems to be enjoying the day off (except here in Scotland) I thought it time for a quick post.

Back to School has been quite a challenge for everyone at "Personalised Gift Ideas" with our Gold Blocking machines working constantly on Personalised Pencils. Since the closure of the Staedtler warehouse in Wales we have been unable to source HB Pencils of the quality our customers expect but worry not ... We have decided to continue using Staedtler for our HB ranges and are now buying direct from Germany!

On the Website upgrades both "Personalised Children's Gifts" and "Personalised Gift Ideas" are now fully upgraded though we are still considering a new Home Page design for "Personalised Gift Ideas".

In terms of new products we have a whole range of new products for our Anniversary, Baby and Christening categories but are currently backlogged on our Photo Studio schedule due to our customer focus on our Back to School ranges.

Another exciting development is the addition of our Photo Jigsaws. We have taken presentation to such a great level with Presentation Boxes Gold Blocked with our very own Jigsaw Logo.

Once again it's been a short update but the next year or so will see more frequent posts and more resources diverted to our Newsletters also.

Keep Well everyone until next time.

Robert O'Rourke
Personalised Gift Ideas.