Saturday, 29 May 2010

Our Blog is moving!

Hello Wilderness,

A few people have contacted us about all the changes they have noticed going on down at the old PGI HQ. Although we have had a Blog and Twitter for some time now we have not been as active as we perhaps could (or should) have been and hence the changes ...

Our marketing manager (Dawn) will now be taking over the Social Networking aspect of the business as well as many of the other marketing duties previously carried out by the company directors.

We have replaced the website Homepage links (to some of our other smaller retail websites) with our Social Media buttons for Facebook, Twitter, our Blog and our upcoming Affiliate Network.

We have changed our profiles from the friendly (but infrequent) company director to the friendly (and very frequent) company profile which will be managed by Dawn from now on. I shall ensure I have the relevant passwords to sneak in the occasional, "Hello Wilderness ... " post!

We shall be actively recruiting affiliate partners from the 1st of June 2010 and fully expect to launch a strong affiliate program from mid June.

Our PGI (Personalised Gift Ideas) Newsletter will become a regular feature and will feature product discount codes as will our Facebook profile.

This could well be our 2nd last post from blogspot as we will be fully integrating a wordpress blog within our website structure to enable us to build and enhance on our company structure and profile.

So it truly is change at PGI but it's not all going to change because we will always be approachable, contactable and will always take a pride in our products and service.

Adios for now ...

Robert O'Rourke
Company Director
Personalised Gift Ideas Ltd

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Engraving Machines and Software!

Hello Wilderness,

Despite working during part of Bank Holiday Monday our best efforts were foiled somewhat by one of the Engraving Machine Laptops giving up on us - The horrible grinding noises from the Hard Disk suggested it was terminal!

Thankfully we have a few engraving machines so although slowed down somewhat we are back on track after replacing the laptop although it wasn't as easy as you may think as the engraving machines never liked Windows Vista and we therefore have to find Windows XP Laptops which isn't easy these days!

Anyway it just goes to show the potential dangers of not having spare machine capacity as we receive a lot of Next Day "Special Delivery" orders which would have been problematic if we were not geared up for volume.

Until the next time ....

Robert O'Rourke
Personalised Gift Ideas