Friday, 6 November 2009

Hello Wilderness,

Our apologies for the phones ringing out today - BT installed our new lines late yesterday and guess what? .... They were'nt working today! We may have further teething problems with our change of address but keep Emailing us as although we have no phone lines or broadband it gives us a good reason to nip home and use the home office!

We are hoping for a Monday fix but will use our home systems to get up to date with any orders and enquiries so bear with us.

Other News? We are very pleased and excited to announce that we are very very close to launching our new range of Personalised Children's Jigsaws. We have commissioned a top UK Artist to design some really really great images ... watch this space!

All the very best from all at Personalised Gift Ideas.

Robert O'Rourke
Personalised Gift Ideas

Monday, 2 November 2009

We have moved!

Hello wilderness.

Personalised Gift Ideas has moved. Well when I say "moved" it would probably be more accurate to say we are "moving" and now have one foot in our new door and one in the old!

We will be keeping our same phone numbers which switch to our shiny new premises this Thursday (5th November). Most of our machines have now been moved and I can tell you now - they are NOT light!

A whole weekend of moving machines and stock and we are still only about 70% there ... thank goodness it's just a short haul from the old to the new!

The last few weeks have certainly been a good example of interesting timing - A gifts company moving just before Christmas, Starting a Radio Advertising Campaign just as the Royal Mail escalate industrial action and the hire of a removal van to move premises on the wettest day in recent years!

We will post some photos once we settle in.

All the very best for the month of November from all the staff at Personalised Gift Ideas.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Website Relaunch

Hello Wilderness,

If you have recently visited the website you may have been excused for thinking it wasn't our site. After three years we have decided it's time for a change! Just about anything that could have been changed has been changed.

There are more changes afoot as well ... From Monday 19th October we will be starting our Radio Advertising campaign and from 1st November 2009 we will have completed our move into an even larger premises that will allow us to expand our range of machinery and stock.

Let us know if you like our new look and for those who think Santa has made too early an appearance then I do agree but it's easier adding him now whilst our web developers are already working on our project.

All the very best from all the team at Personalised Gift Ideas.

Robert O'Rourke
Personalised Gift Ideas

Monday, 31 August 2009

Last Gasp August Update

Hello Wilderness,

Since it is the last day in August and everyone seems to be enjoying the day off (except here in Scotland) I thought it time for a quick post.

Back to School has been quite a challenge for everyone at "Personalised Gift Ideas" with our Gold Blocking machines working constantly on Personalised Pencils. Since the closure of the Staedtler warehouse in Wales we have been unable to source HB Pencils of the quality our customers expect but worry not ... We have decided to continue using Staedtler for our HB ranges and are now buying direct from Germany!

On the Website upgrades both "Personalised Children's Gifts" and "Personalised Gift Ideas" are now fully upgraded though we are still considering a new Home Page design for "Personalised Gift Ideas".

In terms of new products we have a whole range of new products for our Anniversary, Baby and Christening categories but are currently backlogged on our Photo Studio schedule due to our customer focus on our Back to School ranges.

Another exciting development is the addition of our Photo Jigsaws. We have taken presentation to such a great level with Presentation Boxes Gold Blocked with our very own Jigsaw Logo.

Once again it's been a short update but the next year or so will see more frequent posts and more resources diverted to our Newsletters also.

Keep Well everyone until next time.

Robert O'Rourke
Personalised Gift Ideas.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

July Update

Hello Wilderness,

We have been contacted by a few people who have kindly let us know that we appear to have disappeared from Google!

Not to worry as this is because of major website upgrades that offer many new features - such as the facility to allow our customers to write reviews and post comments without having to Email them to us. As for Google .... Watch this space as we will be back very shortly!

What else is new? We have been expanding some of our ranges, adding new products as well as new categories. We are the company who offer choice so if you are looking for a Wedding Certificate Holder (for example) then you will see we have added a range that offers a choice from five designs rather than just one. We will go into a bit more detail in a later Blog regarding our website updates ... This little "Hello" was just to let everyone know you will soon find us back up and running in Google as well as all the other major search engines!

Keep Well,

Robert O'Rourke
Personalised Gift Ideas

Friday, 5 June 2009

What's new in June?

Hello again wilderness and my appologies for the lack of contribution so far for 2009. So what is new since the last Personalised Gift Ideas Post? It's been a busy time for the team with many new products added to the website. As professional engravers we have have been asked to work on commisioned projects for companies such as Microsoft, USC, and the BBC but our main focus still remains on our retail sales to our every day customers.

We have been strengthening our team and have some exciting new developments in the pipeline so watch this space and see where it takes us.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Personalised Pencil Promotion

With a reputation for the fastest UK Delivery of Personalised Pencils we thought we should start advertising and promoting our strengths. We have started with this 10% coupon code which can be used for our Coloured Pencils. Product Code: PGI098 Coupon Code (at checkout) PGIPROMO1 Offer valid until 28th February 2009.

Video Promotion takes about 30 seconds to load.