Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Engraving Machines and Software!

Hello Wilderness,

Despite working during part of Bank Holiday Monday our best efforts were foiled somewhat by one of the Engraving Machine Laptops giving up on us - The horrible grinding noises from the Hard Disk suggested it was terminal!

Thankfully we have a few engraving machines so although slowed down somewhat we are back on track after replacing the laptop although it wasn't as easy as you may think as the engraving machines never liked Windows Vista and we therefore have to find Windows XP Laptops which isn't easy these days!

Anyway it just goes to show the potential dangers of not having spare machine capacity as we receive a lot of Next Day "Special Delivery" orders which would have been problematic if we were not geared up for volume.

Until the next time ....

Robert O'Rourke
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